Friday, June 29, 2007

Dependence Day

Degree show is over, but everything is continuing. For the first exhibition since graduating, we are turning our house into 'The House of God' and putting on Dependence Day.

From the press release:
God is great.
At The House Of God, only great things can happen.
In our own, special Gods we abide; and on this, Dependence Day, 3rd July we will shine like the eyes of a deity.
In work which tells a story of a multiple artists' residency, spanning one academic year at the House Of God, Premier Road said
"Let there be light?"
And there was light, and lightning, and the creatures ran and hid and things in the house... changed, inside and out.
The five young artists, Katherine Webborn, Matthew Cooper, Samuel Mercer, Daniel Kemp and Benjamin Hargrave, who have shown nationally and internationally, in exhibitions spanning faiths from Christianity to Judaism and beyond, show their responses to one academic year in The House of God. The theme that runs throughout is one of response to faith (or not) in a God, but in relation to the surroundings in which these five have found themselves.
There will be a selection of carefully created art pieces. Diversity rules with work from installation to spectacle to intervention, these artists present one of the most 'celestial', nay 'HEAVENLY' exhibitions this year. To miss it, is surely to be damned!
Come see the show from the 4th till the 7th July (12-7pm) or the private view on the 3rd (7-10pm)