Saturday, April 21, 2007


"Curated by and including work by Matthew Cooper, Samuel Mercer and Hannah Phillips. Different practices collide and negotiate for territory in a collaborative, interactive and performative exhibition that draws on ideas of competition and control. The audience is directed through a one way system, removing the common route of negotiating the Gallery Space."
Our show went rather well as the opening exhibition in the Rules of the Game series.
Links : Photos from the artworkornetwork blog by Andrew Pepper | Rules of the Game website which will include the essays commissioned for the series.
This thursday (7-9.30) is the private view for the art exhibition to raise money for the JNF which myself and Melanie Warner of Bog Standard Gallery are both partaking in. The exhibition will be taking place from 29th April until 1st May from 2.30 - 9.30 each day.